Symbiotic Forms

Cultural Connections at Morrow

Feb 2022 – Feb 2023

Through tailored cultural connections, Marisa Gold, Rianne Svelnis, Joyce Rosario lit up Morrow with care and glow!

Each of these harbingers of multi-genre and socially-engaged practice were provided with 100 hours studio time, $8,000 and other resources to support their work as cultural connectors and to provide honorariums for collaborating artists, educators, activists, and people whose creative adventures defy categorization.


Canada Council for the Arts

City of Vancouver Cultural Services

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3

Marisa Gold

Marisa Gold, Darryl Ahye

Feb – Sep 2022

Marisa worked with two main collaborators: filmmaker Darryl Ahye and multidisciplinary artists from Her Tribal Roots collective. The artists had five weeks of studio time supported by honorariums:

  • Marisa and Darryl engaged in a series of film experiments using scores, props, writing exercises and spoken-word poetry. The artists explored vulnerable expressions as maps for healing and physical sovereignty.
  • With artists from Her Tribal Roots (Alyssa Amarshi, Ariane Custodio, KT Rose, Franz Seachel), Marisa activated collaboration for voices from across communities, offering sacred space for connection, harmony and healing.

Rianne Svelnis

Rianne Svelnis & Sauha Lee Paper Art workshop

Feb 2022 – Feb 2023

Rianne collaborated with lead artists Sauha Lee, Alexa Solveig Mardon, Romila Barryman, Olivia C. Davies and Justin Neal to research ideas and produce public events:

  • Rianne and Sauha, a visual artist, led a somatic movement workshop that segued into creation of paper art.
  • Rianne and Olivia welcomed Dalannah Gail Bowen, Rosemary Georgeson, Savannah Walling and Sharon Jinkerson-Brass from the DTES Grandmothers Collective. Together, they researched and shared ideas as part of the Matriarchs Uprising festival to co-create a landscape of hope from movement, poetry and song.
  • Rianne and Romila, a writer, facilitator, cyber mystic, exchanged practices in grief, ritual and social/somatic movement.
  • Rianne and Alexa hosted virtual and in-person Movement Classes for Support Workers, workshops for front line workers incorporating movement, play, and strategies.
  • Rianne and Justin from Holy Crow Arts held space for Squamish Language classes taught by Rebecca Duncan.

Interview, Dance Central

Joyce Rosario

Raïna Von Waldenberg, Joyce Rosario, Jeanette Kotowich

Mar – Aug 2022

Joyce worked with four collaborators: Justin Calvadores, June Fukumara, Natalie Tin Yin Gan 顏婷妍 and Jeanette Kotowich. Each collaborator had one week of studio time supported by honorariums. June and Jeanette hosted showings at the end of their residences.

Symbiotic Forms is an opportunity for me to deepen my research and practice as a mid-career performing arts curator. In a cycle of conversation and exchange with Justin, Jeanette, Natalie and June, I will support each artist’s creative practice by facilitating feedback discussions using the Critical Response Process (CRP), as well as sharing its practice values and adaptations. Over the past 2 years I have been deeply engaged with CRP as a certified facilitator and advanced practitioner. I consider CRP an extension of my curatorial practice, valuing the relational over the transactional and focusing on care for the work and artists who make it. Through Symbiotic Forms, I am thrilled for this work to be placed within a wider framework situated alongside practitioners whose work forays across genres and cultural practice and to support discourse and collaboration amongst equity seeking creatives in order to stimulate pathways for renewal, as the sector moves through and beyond the pandemic.” Joyce Rosario

With Joyce as an active witness:

  • Justin worked with emerging Filipinx artists Juan Imperial and Francis Natoc, experimenting with improvised scores to centre queer practice and to groove and create in ceremony to propel creativity.
  • June researched and experimented with ‘owarai’ a Japanese comedic sensibility with a unique history, specific forms, and timing that does not exist in Western comedy.
  • Natalie focused on what one of her teachers, Diane Roberts, refers to as ancestral dramaturgy, discovering ways that the creative writing revision process can bolster the crafting of new choreographic ideas.
  • Jeanette researched and hosted an informal in-progress showing of her solo work Kisiskâciwan, alongside guest artists Raïna Von Waldenberg and Brady Marks.
Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3