Paid Creative Residences at Morrow

Sep 2022 – Feb 2023

Tasha Faye Evans, Harmanie Rose, Justin Calvadores and Anais West respectively explored falling, dancing and queering – while researching creations of their authorship alongside collaborators.

Each artist was provided three weeks studio time, a $4,500 fee plus funds for hospitality, access support and Knowledge Keepers. Each residence culminated with informal performances or workshop gatherings.


British Columbia Arts Council

City of Vancouver Cultural Services

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3

Tasha Faye Evans


Tasha Faye Evans; photo Ziyian Kwan

Sep 2022 & Jan 2023

“I carry a song in my heart. It calls to me from the land where the old songs sing. My first grandmother sang this song when the waters were rising. During my residence, I will be developing the dance of this song connecting me to my legacy, all the way back to a Tree. Drawing upon my practice as a dance and theatre artist my process will be guided by Ancestor’s Eye. I will be exploring sound and movement based on Coast Salish art and design.” Tasha Faye Evans


Knowledge Keeper Tania Carter

Mentor Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

Harmanie Rose

The Art of Falling and Not Getting Up Again. The Disabled Perspective.

Harmanie Rose, Adam Grant Warren

Oct 2022

“In able-bodied dance, there are well-practiced methods of falling and rising safely. As a non-ambulatory wheelchair user and dancer, I’ve started to discover different ways to give in to gravity to fall safely out of my chair and to settle into gravity to allow for a greater push to get back into my chair. I want to take this further. I want to study what it means to fall safely when falling is usually associated with injury. I will work with artists’ varying abilities to understand what falling means to them. I want to explore different abled practices of falling and relate them to the disabled experience. How can we begin to create a falling practice that we can embrace not only as a useful movement practice but one full of creative potential? My residence will conclude with a hybrid in-person and live-streamed sharing.” Harmanie Rose


Rianne Svelnis, Adam Grant Warren, Carolina Bergonzoni, Donna Redlick, Emily Grace Brook

Justin Calvadores


Shana Wolfe, Justin Calvadores; photo Ziyian Kwan

Nov 2022

“I’ll explore queerness and gender non-conformity as practice, through dance and sound exploration with other QTBIPOC artists. By dismantling movement codes that are steeped in colonial shaming of queer bodies and ideas, I’ll conjure creative spaces of radical acceptance, curiosity and playful variance. My residence will complete with a live work in progress performance.” Justin Calvadores


Shana Wolfe, Alger Ji Liang

Anais West


Anais West, Joanna Garfinkel; photo Kimberly Ho

Jan – Feb 2023

“During my residence, I will explore physical theatre techniques including Grotowski work and also, Polish folk dance steps. Chłopczyca (Tomboy) is a new work of physical theatre incorporating Slavic legend and Polish folk dance. The work uses cultural mythologies to investigate the violent legacy of patriarchy, and to imagine new masculinities through a trans lens. After learning that a boy from their folk-dance troupe committed a disturbing act of violence, Aleks re-examines their shared adolescence in an insular community of Polish immigrants. But with each remembering, the sequence of events becomes more ambiguous, the choreography of memory more complex, unravelling the narrative Aleks had constructed of themself, their gender and the boy's culpability. Were the boy's actions truly his own, or was he cursed by a monstrous and mythic inheritance? By reclaiming folk ritual, Chłopczyca seeks to present an unflinching autopsy of white manhood, but also a vision of queer metamorphosis.” Anais West


Tanya Marquardt, Joanna Garfinkel, Oksana Augustine, Rae Takei, Kami Reed Schuyler

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3