Bowl of Jasmine

May 26 – 28, 2023

Live dance performances

Produced in partnership with SUM Gallery

Bowl of Jasmine is a program of two solos created and performed by contemporary dance artist Juolin Lee and Bharatanatyam artist Sujit Vaidya. The artists are united in a mutual fascination with exploring the tension between imagination and reality. Bowl of Jasmine inquires into the physicality of their fantasy worlds, exploring how cultural influences in the form of scent and taste permeate through their moving bodies.

Funders, Partners

City of Vancouver Cultural Services

Canada Council for the Arts

SUM Gallery

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3

Juolin Lee


Juolin Lee; photo Sarah Wong

Sometimes when life gets intense and overwhelming, I find my mind wandering while I try to accomplish the mundane, everyday tasks. Luna is a dance about, for, and with my matcha green Tatung Rice Cooker – a piece of traditional Taiwanese kitchenware. It is one of the first things my mom received from a distant relative after arriving in Canada ten years ago. Tatung Rice Cooker sits in every Taiwanese household. It is a very practical and important helper in the kitchen, and a symbol of home, familiarity and comforting warm dishes.” Juolin Lee


Creation, Performance Juolin Lee

Sujit Vaidya


Ziyian Kwan; photo David Cooper

Srngara begins with a ritual; of ornamentation, of song, of scent, of taste and of movement. Srngara accesses embedded memories and sensations awakened by mogra, Indian jasmine to make space for the in-betweenness of things to exist. My work is deeply rooted in my training, with an understanding that my role as an artist goes beyond tradition. As a queer artist of colour, I am drawn to making work inspired by my lived experiences that include creating uncomfortable dialogue. As I unpack the problematic post-colonial, “reformed” version of bharatanatyam, I’m drawn to working with ideas of Body, Eroticism, Gaze, Shame, Stillness. I am interested in slowing down movement, and making space for a different way to think of physical virtuosity outside of an Eurocentric understanding, and work with detailed attention to intention.” Sujit Vaidya


Creation, Performance Sujit Vaidya

In collaboration with...

Performer, Poet Nhylar

Performer, Flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor

Sweet Audience Treats Tokyo Mithaiwala

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3