Ajeeb Ajeeb

ahmm 2024
May 17 – 19, 7pm

Spoken word performance

Nhylar, Anjalica Solomon, Panthea Vatandoost


Sliding scale $15 – $25 – $40

Farsi, Urdu and Hindi have a word in common for strange, odd, familiar, and wonderful. That word is “ajeeb”, a word that through myriad interpretations, beautifully describes the poetry and prose of multidisciplinary artists Nhylar, Anjalica Solomon and Panthea Vatandoost. The artists perform an interweaving of their spoken word expressions, textured with experiments in song, movement and percussion.

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3
Nhylar; photo Seenu Yellapu
Anjalica Solomon; photo David Cooper
Panthea Vatandoost; photo David Cooper

My performance includes spoken word, sound, visual components and ritualistic offerings. An unusual multi-sensory ritual intertwining elements of queerness, grief, and alternate dimensions.” – Nhylar

My work tells the story of my grandmother’s wrinkled hands and the tears they have wiped away; The story of the fresh dirt their father laid over their grandfather’s casket. My work writes towards liberation that sounds like the laughter of trans kin, towards a tender revolution, a joyful revolution.” – Anjalica Solomon

A dark and humorous examination of the immigrant dream, life and death, pride and ego, and when it is appropriate to wear a party hat to a funeral. My spoken word performance digs deep into the need for immigrant children to succeed, what that success must look like, and the individual, communal and generational costs of that success.” – Panthea Vatandoost پانته‌آ وطن‌دوست


Nhylar (she/they/he) is a queer GNC storyteller, media artist, poet, and healing community arts event producer born in India, and a recent settler on MST territories. They are powered by creating media, poems and events that set queers free. Nhylar has produced numerous events bringing together the Desi, Queer, and Desi Queer communities in Vancouver, LA, and beyond. Craving the deliciousness of building inclusive non-binary, femme and QTBIPOC space, he became a collaborator as an event producer and community builder by spearheading Queer Art Exchange and collaborating with Queer Mango, Transgender Expressions Haven, VancouverPride and Queer Arts Festival. For Nhylar, he was inspired by the epiphany that a single piece of media, or the gathering of the 2SLGBTQ+ community from a deep place of genuine inclusion, can change your core belief about something and make us see the world anew.

Anjalica Solomon (she/they) is a genderfluid Desi singer, songwriter, lyricist, pianist, loop pedalist, poet, spoken word artist, organiser and multi-disciplinary performer based in what is colonially known as Vancouver, BC on the stolen and unsurrendered territories of the Coast Salish, Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nations. Their poetic work often seeks to proclaim the possibilities of love and resilience. Anjalica is a poet of startling emotional intellect and candour whose work testifies to a deep faith in beauty, the power of nature, and ultimately, the human capacity to salvage integrity, radiance and joy from moments of struggle. In this way, Anjalica Solomon's poems and performances offer robust visions of hope, tenacity, and love.

Panthea Vatandoost (she /her) is an Iranian actor, director, and creator. She is the founder and Managing Artistic Director of Medusa Theatre Society, a non-profit dedicated to works that engage with the immigrant and refugee community, with a focus on MENAT voices. Recent credits include writing and performing قرار / Date Night (Rumble Theatre’s Lupercalia), creating, writing, and directing A Cultural Celebration - MENAT Style! (Medusa Theatre Society & Rumble Theatre), directing Dooja Ghar [The Other House] - A Mirza Sahiban Story (South Asian Arts’ 2022 Monsoon Festival), writing and performing Bloom (2023 Chutzpah! Festival), and a leading role in Echoes From Far Away Cities (Blackout Arts Society).

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3