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May 2 – 5Lumulutang

Alyssa Favero with Justin Calvadores, Argel Monte de Ramos

May 6From the Lost and Found Department

Joy Kogawa & Poets

May 10 – 11Short Songs 司棋 平林

Jo Hirabayashi & Robyn Jacob, Jane Shi

May 17 – 19Ajeeb Ajeeb

Nhylar, Anjalica Solomon, Panthea Vatandoost

May 25Fluffy Blessings (kids age 3+)

Five Blessings with Amanda Sum; Fluffy and Friends Lion Dance



May 5, 12, 19, 26Spiralling Technologies

Lee Su-Feh

May 11Movement & Calligraphy

Shion Skye Carter & Kisyuu



May 1 – 26A Spill of Shrines

Kimberly Ho, Sauha Lee

Festival team

Artistic Producer Ziyian Kwan

Artistic Co-Producer, Care Facilitator Tin Gamboa

Welcome Host Allie Lang

Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Technical Director Christian Ching

Publicist Kelly McInnes

Branding, Graphic Design Ahmed Khalil

Funders, Partners

Canada Council for the Arts

Canadian Heritage

City of Vancouver Cultural Services

British Columbia Arts Council

Vancouver Poetry House

Historic Joy Kogawa House

battery opera performance

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3
Kimberly Ho; photo Alger Ji Liang
Lee Su-Feh; photo SD Holman
5 Blessings: Robyn Jacob, Howard Dai, Nancy Tam, Derek Chan, Jasmine Chen
Alyssa Favero; photo Rodolfo Rueda
Justin Calvadores; photo David Cooper
Argel Monte de Ramos; photo Paolo Orlando
Jo Hirabayashi
Robyn Jacob; Sewari Campillo
Nhylar; photo Seenu Yellapu
Anjalica Solomon; photo David Cooper
Panthea Vatandoost; photo David Cooper
Shion Skye Carter; photo Mateus+Studios
Sauha Lee; photo Seenu Yellapu

A taste of the stories, insights and artistry that animate ahmm 2024...

The first time I met my Ma, I was 23 years old. As I waited for her to walk through customs at YVR airport, I scanned every bright turban, every child resting upon the crook of their mother’s hip, and every set of eager eyes looking out for the face of love. When I found her, I had to hold her up. She smelled of jasmine. Her face was a monsoon on my shoulder. I had seen her before, in my own high cheekbones, in my own bright eyes. I felt her life stitched to mine, by the long gold threads of our stories, wrapped around the globe. Her humid nights in New Delhi were my bustling mornings putting on my uniform to get to school. The nights I fell asleep asking God for my mother, were the mornings she spent hoping for this moment, to find her way back to me, so she could tell me her side of the story.” – Anjalica Solomon

As a Japanese Canadian/American Yonsei, I consider anything I do to be related to those attributes of my heritage and identity. In the early 1900’s, my great grandpa Shungo Hirabayashi left his life in Japan where he was a working-class farmer to start a new life as a settler in the USA. This combined with the internment of Japanese Americans including my grandfather Gordon has informed my heritage to be deeply critical of empire and nation states. Without tokenisation or ‘asianization’, I think playing guitar or synth as an Asian descent settler is as much tied to Asian traditions as more institutionalized senses of the Japanese canon.” – Jo Hirabayashi

In preparation for ahmm 2024, the process of taking stock and dreaming has me reflecting on individuality, community, and the tactful dances that some of us in diaspora engage with: for peace of mind, for inclusivity, for protection, for agency. No matter how loud or how secret, the tensions that reside are generous teachers. While there is beauty in these tensions, there is also pain. Through ahmm’s collective gatherings, may we grow in love for the multiplicities and complexities that make each of us who we are!” – Tin Gamboa

Creative space by Odd Meridian
910 Richards St. – Unit 204
Vancouver BC, V6B 1T3